Support Sundress Month June 2010


Cool thing about being the boss is when I see things that interest me, I don’t have to ask anyone’s approval to be down for the cause.

When I saw a few guys on Twitter talking about June being Sundress Month I was intrigued.  Being the Dean of NoHology, I am always interested in things that may include the ladies showing a little leg and heels.

Come to find out it came from the homie @Bomani_Jones.

It is a celebration of all the pretty ladies out there who show class in their summer attire (as opposed to the MySpaceModels).  So, if you are a young lady who would like to show off your best summer dress, or you are a guy who wants to submit pics of ladies looking lovely, just click on the link above and enjoy.

There will be prizes for the ladies who submit pictures & if you are a website owner, please add the Sundress Month Banner with link to the site:

5 thoughts on “Support Sundress Month June 2010

  • Bless you Rob, bless you

  • Just another reason to visit BSO.

  • Ohhhhhh I might have to get in on this

  • People wanna know why I fox with Robert Littal.

    1) He's a Buckeye
    2) He's real
    3) National Sundress month

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