The Top 7 Kobe Bryant “Haters”

I wish I could take credit for coming up with this list, but all the credit goes to Mark Grey at

People overuse the term “hater,” mainly because of their own ignorance and arrogance.  People are quick to call someone a “hater” if they simply disagree with their opinion.

The difference between a critic and hater is pretty simple.

A critic gives opinions based on logic and facts; a hater gives opinions based on emotion, jealousy, and envy.

To hate infers you care and you are passionate.  If you don’t have a logical reason for your opinion that is what makes you a “hater.” If you’re wishing for someone’s downfall constantly, you are a “hater.”

A good example of this is what is currently going on with the rapper Drake.  Men in general hate him with a passion mainly because women like him.  The hate stems from jealousy — wondering why they couldn’t go from Degrassi to the biggest hip-hop artist of the summer.

As a wise man told me once if you don’t have “haters,” you are doing something wrong.

With being said here are the Top 7 Kobe Bryant style “Haters.” You can get a full description at  I will provide my quick thoughts on each:

1- Michael Jordan Lover

Basically the guy/girl who is constantly saying:

“But he will never be better than Michael Jordan!!!!!”

Failing to understand that most people consider MJ the greatest player of all time, so the fact you even mention Kobe in same breath is a win for Kobe.

Furthermore, if you are striving to be the best ever, you are basically Vince Carter … and no one wants to be Vince Carter, not even Vince.

In the Michael Jordan lover’s eyes, he has no faults.  They ignore the seven years it took for him to win a title.  They ignore some of the subpar games he had in the playoffs.  They ignore that on his greatest shot of all time he blatantly pushed off, while proclaiming the refs gave Kobe his 5th title.

2- Kobe never best player in the league

The guy/girl who likes to remind us about Shaq all the time or that Steve Nash has more MVPs that Kobe.

He has given the title to McGrady, Nash, Wade, Lebron, Durant, etc. over the past decade.

They also seem to conveniently forget that Kobe has been 1st team All-NBA offense and defense numerous times, scoring champ, and (of course) the 5 rings.

3- Casual Fan

The guy/girl who only watches during the playoffs and only repeats the same thing that ESPN says.

Casual fans says things like:

“Paul Pierce is best player in the league, you see him in that Cavs series.”

Basically someone who doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about.

4- Stats Guy

The guy/girl who fancy themselves a basketball expert because they read John Hollinger on the Insider.

They quote obsure stats to try to convince you if Kobe didn’t play for Lakers they would have swept the Celtics.

Stats guys normally ignore the most important stats to point out insignificant ones, like Kobe didn’t make the playoffs one year and Magic made the playoffs every year, so that must make Magic better.

5- History Guy

The guy/girl who likes to throw out old school basketball names like World B. Free, but is only 26 and not old enough to remember watching Magic Johnson play, much less Jerry West.  But still tries to explain how all the old school guys are better than Kobe.

Likes to bring up George Mikan a lot.

If you ever want to confuse “History Guy,” ask him how many rounds did Bill Russell have to play to make it to the NBA Finals.

6- Hypocrite Guy

The guy/girl who before the game says he will leave Facebook if Kobe scores 30 against the Celtics, but when he scores 30 will quickly say the 4 turnovers really made it 26.

Quick to point out Kobe’s flaws and ignore the same flaws in his favorite player.

Hypocrite guy is filled with boasts before the game and a million and one excuses afterwards.

Definitely one of the most annoying “haters.”

7- Females Scorned

These are women who hate Kobe simply because his wife is Vanessa Bryant or she thinks he got away with rape in Colorado.

The hate from these women runs so deep that they often become fans of any team the Lakers are playing.

If I have missed any let me know.

78 thoughts on “The Top 7 Kobe Bryant “Haters”

  • Smart post! I enjoyed it, the comments are even smarter! I think after Kobe was in trouble with the law, all the haters came out.

  • Anyone who said “Kobe is the best I’ve ever seen” clearly hasnt watched much basketball.

    Since MJ was a rookie people have desperately wanted to find the NEXT MJ. Since MJ retired some people wanted to find a new MJ so badly they created one in their heads the first time they witnessed a player half as good as MJ. Kobe BEAN Bryant.

    You can’t deny the facts folks, don’t even try.

    There will NEVER be another MJ. Ten years from now people will still be looking for the NEXT MJ. No one will be looking for the NEXT Kobe.

    I wish I had a Kobe rookie card in case I run out of toilet paper. Cheers 🙂

  • Well said Malik. People forget, when MJ played against the best players, they were already past their prime. Even when Isiah was still a well conditioned player, playing against MJ during those Bad Boy years, he still wasn’t in his prime, but gave MJ hell. MJ couldn’t check Isiah. He was too fast of the dribble and crossover.

    Indeed, MJ time to shine came after the Isiah Thomas injury and when he came back, he was rusty and the team was out of sink. There weren’t any good teams after that, that MJ played against. They made rules for MJ when he came in. Hand check etc. You looked at him and they’d call a foul on you. And yes, I remember that push off against Utah.

    If there is a such thing as the greatest players of all (there really isn’t)time, I’d pick the other MJ. Magic Johnson. Who else played all 3 positions in their rookie years, dominated, won MVP, rookie of the year and an NBA championship?

    People must give Kobe his props. He’s a good players. And like MJ has moves from other players before him and made up some of his own. So does Kobe. Kobe has better dribbling skills than MJ, better creativity to the rim in both slamming and getting to the rim. And his crossover street ball skills are sick. MJ never had that.

    Last but not least. MJ last year said and I quote, “If I’d play against Kobe now, he’d beat me. If I were in my prime, it’d be no contest.” I call bull shit on that. Kobe’s mentality is pretty the same as MJ’s. I agree that Kobe wouldn’t be able to shut down MJ, but no way in hell would MJ be able to shut down Kobe in his prime and Kobe’s prime. Kobe has too many skills for that to happen.

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