Tiki Barber: “I’m Broke I Can’t Afford Divorce Settlement”

If you needed any more reasons to dislike Tiki Barber (there are far too many to count), here is another one.

Tiki is trying to weasel his way out of paying big bucks in his divorce settlement by claiming he is broke.

Here is the funny part: he is claiming he is broke because his affair has caused him a loss of earnings.

Maybe he should have thought about that before he left his pregnant-with-twins wife for an intern who was still living in a college dorm.  Here are the details from the Huffington Post:

According to Page Six, Barber insists his career is in the gutter since losing his $300,000 network contract with NBC.

Barber hasn’t been on the air in many months — but sources said his contract was only formally terminated in May.

Network insiders said “Today” show bosses secretly ended their deal with Barber due to a hidden “morality clause” which specified that stars must not be involved in public scandals.

Tough break, Tiki, but if you wanted to “break lamps” you have to deal with the consequences.

You were the one who retired from the NFL to be an international media darling — only to be shown the door a few years later.

I believe in karma and it is all catching up to Tiki.  All the arrogance that he has portrayed over his career has lead to this.

I can’t wait until his intern, Traci Lynn Johnson, leaves him for JaMarcus Russell.

What, you didn’t think she was with him because he is charming, did you?

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