Titans RB Chris Johnson is Not Pleased With His Contract..Takes It To Twitter

I think Chris Johnson has a much stronger case for a new contract than Darrelle Revis.  Since Johnson stepped on the field he has been balling.

Hopefully he won’t pull the “diva” move that Revis did with his fake “headache,” but there is something I think NFL players need to understand.

They are in a union.

They shouldn’t be upset with their teams — they should be upset with the Players Association for not getting them guaranteed contracts.

I have no problem with the Jets or Titans position.  I believe that both Johnson and Revis are underpaid, but these are the contracts they signed … and in reality, if their respective teams don’t want to renegotiate with them, that is their decision.

For every Revis and Johnson there is a JaMarcus Russell who stole money from the Raiders.

You hear this argument a lot:

“It isn’t fair they can cut us at any time, but they won’t pay us if we outperform our contract.”

While that makes logical sense, from a legal standpoint it isn’t a valid argument, because once again, this was collectively bargained by the Players Union.

I do feel for players who are obviously stuck in a bad contract situation, but their angst is directed at the wrong individuals.

Blame your union, not the teams.

24 thoughts on “Titans RB Chris Johnson is Not Pleased With His Contract..Takes It To Twitter

  • Sounds like a bunch of spoiled babies. If you signed the contract to begin with, you should honor it. When your contract is up, then is the time to re-negotiate. Until then, do your job and quit whining. If you are performing exceptionally well, your team should recognize that and take the initiative to offer you more money.

  • OMG just hearing these sissies whining about not being paid to play a game is sickening. You get to play a kids game and get paid millions of dollars….who cares if u are getting 9 million instead of 29 million…..how much money would be enough…..

    • Thats the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris, I am a HUGE Titan fan not only attenting the games in Nashville but also traveling to some away games.
    I love what you have done for our team but man in my book a deals a deal and you signed a 5 year contract. History tells us you will not repeat the type of year you had again but if you go out and honor the contract you have and put up similar #s, then go after the money.
    Of course year after next we may not even have a season so you are going to be in a bad siuation but come on man,get on the field and let your legs do the talking and they will pay you when your in year 3 or 4 of your current contract.

    • You have that right, spoiled btcs, they signed their contract they need to get to work. They were happy when they signed them.

  • well chris should listen to the advice he spweing in his posts why dont you hit the field and honor the guys who blocked for you and helped you get those 2k yards ???.

  • any decent fan would agree, do the job that you signed on to do, be grateful the other players help you achieve the accomplishments you had last year, be humble not greedy

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