Tom Izzo Wants To Talk To LeBron James … The King is 100% Good With Hiring?

I don’t know who is being a bigger drama queen right now, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo or LeBron James.  Izzo, who has been giving mixed signals over the past week on whether or not he will be taking the Cavaliers’ head coaching position, was supposed to make a decision this weekend (didn’t happen).

In a dramatic twist (not really), Izzo wants to talk to LeBron before making a decision.  I don’t even know why I am reporting this, because I am sticking to my orginal thought that it makes no sense for Izzo to leave Michigan State unless he had assurances from LeBron.

The only other reason to leave is if Pete Carroll was warning him about some impending NCAA Sanctions.  Here are the details from

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported on its website that LeBron James would not oppose Izzo’s hiring after it was previously reported that James prefers to play for a coach who has played in the NBA.

The Plain Dealer, quoting what it termed a “high-level source,” said James would “100 percent” endorse Izzo’s hiring.

It remains to be seen what impact that sentiment will have on Izzo’s decision, given that Izzo’s hesitation in accepting Cleveland’s five-year, $30 million offer is believed to stem mostly from the fact that James becomes a free agent July 1 and has given the franchise no known indication that he intends to re-sign.

Izzo is apparently still trying to speak directly to James, according to Lansing (Mich.) television station WLNS, but that had not happened as of Sunday night.

If and when Izzo signs on the dotted line would be a strong indicator that LeBron will be going back to the Cleveland.  If Izzo backs out, that would be a sign he could not get any strong assurances that LeBron would be returning.

My opinion is that Izzo stays at Michigan State.

I can’t shake the feeling that regardless of LeBron coming back or not, Izzo at the pro level would be a complete and utter failure.

I could be wrong, but just the way he is hesitant to make the move leads me to believe his heart is not into it.

It takes a strong commitment to go from the college game to the pros, and I don’t think even with LeBron that Izzo has that type of commitment to make it work long term.

Now, if he just wants to steal Dan Gilbert’s money, then by all means sign on the dotted line, but in reality if he goes to Cleveland he just becomes a LeBron puppet and that isn’t good for the Cavs, LeBron, or Izzo.

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  • Izzo is being a drama queen because he wants to talk to LeBron before making his decision? Sounds like you're the drama queen!

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