Denver Nuggets Guard Ty Lawson Vs Kat Stacks Twitter Beef

Less than 3 days after Ty Lawson claimed that someone “stole” his phone and decided to tweet about wanting to smash Kim Kardashian, Ty decided to do one of the stupidest things any breathing human being on planet Earth could do … he engaged in a war words with the infamous Kat Stacks. *sigh*

From what I gather from the tweets, Kat Stacks stumbled over to a table that Ty Lawson was at in a club and was told (and I quote) to “Get her possum ass away from the table”.

Here are the tweets:

I don’t even know what to say about this.  Ty Lawson has got to be one of the dumbest dudes in the NBA right now.  C’mon son, how are you going to let yourself get baited into a Twitter beef by this bottom feeding broad who has gotten to where she is right now by suckering dudes into exchanges just like this?

With the streak Ty Lawson is on, don’t be surprised if he is the star of a video on Worldstar getting at Kat Stacks with goons in the background.  Can someone please tweet @tylawson3 the number to Ron Artest’s psychiatrist?

Thanks in advance.


eWEEKLY 6.23.10 from elitedc on Vimeo.

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