Video: Chris Rock Tries To Distract Kobe Bryant & Fails Miserably

The Lakers did a great job with their focus and intensity in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  No one is as focused as Kobe Bryant, but comedian Chris Rock foolishly tried to test Kobe.

I’m pretty sure LeBron or Dwight Howard would acknowledge Chris Rock in some capacity if they were up by 20 (Lebron might dance), but watch the video above to see how Kobe responded.

Straight serial killer.

One of the things I always thought was missing from Kobe’s resume was that unlike other great players, the teams he has been on never really took on his personality.

The Lakers — at least in Game 1 — all played with the same passion and single-mindedness as Kobe.

In essence, they followed their leader.

Chris Rock is going to need some new material if he think he has a chance of cracking Kobe’s focus.  Can’t wait until Game 2.

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8 thoughts on “Video: Chris Rock Tries To Distract Kobe Bryant & Fails Miserably

  • Reggie Miller would have acknowledged Chris Rock, before and after he hit the game clinching 3.

  • Cris is like any New Yorker, ” anybody but Boston”. I know he wasn’t trying to shake Kobe. He has a movie comming out. The was trying to get some TV time. There is a lot more to write about that game than what Kobe didn’t say and what the coach did say to Chris Rock. Dude your articles are really starting to suck.

  • I thought that was hilarious. That gif was funny though. I think Chris as a comedian was being Chris since he was sitting with other comedians. But Kobe is focused. Nobody can get in this guy's head right now. He has the focus of both Jordan and Magic now. It was all about winning in his head. I doubt he even realized Chris was sitting next to him. Kobe zoned everyone out but the people on the court. As it should be.

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