Video: Drake Brings Kobe Bryant On Stage at Powerhouse, LeBron Is Not Pleased


I am just joking about the LeBron part (kind of).  Drake, who brought LeBron on stage a few weeks ago in Cleveland, decided to pull the NBA-superstar-out-of-the-hat trick again, but this time with the big dog.

While performing in LA, he brings Bean out on stage to the loudest applause of the evening.

Speaking of Drake’s CD, it is pretty cool.  Very mellow.  I think “Over” is the best track on the CD, it is the one that goes the hardest.  I like the song where he samples Aaliyah.

More of a “lamp breaking” CD; if you want something a little more hardcore hip-hop that makes you want to rob someone, pick up that Eminem this week.


  1. June is NBBHCM 2010 (National Basketball & Hip-Hop Culture Month). Kobe wins his 5th NBA Championship by beating the Boston Celtics, Drake continues to to take hip-hop by storm. Ron Artest relaeses his rap song "Champion." The NBA Draft is on Thursday. LeBron James might be coming to the Empire State. Jay on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, "King of America." NBHHCM 2010 has been a star-studded month for hoops and hip-hop culture.

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