Video: Glen “Big Baby” Davis with Diddy: “We’re Going To The White House”

I understand the Celtics are confident after their Game 2 win, but if I am the Lakers and I needed any more motivation (they shouldn’t), the fact that the Celtics are running their mouths should have them ready to go in Game 3.

First Paul Pierce says the Celtics are not coming back to LA, now Big Baby Davis is hanging out with Diddy, talking about his plans on going to the White House to see Barack, according to (do not ask me why Big Baby is hanging out with Diddy or vice versa).

I don’t know if the Celtics are talking out of confidence or they think the series is over, but I get the feeling they are overconfident now.

They get credit for winning Game 2, but a deeper look shows that by no means are they dominant team in this series.  They still have issues the same way the Lakers do.  KG is not playing well, and Paul Pierce has been slowed down by Ron Artest.  I don’t think they can expect Ray Allen to go off like that every night (same way the Lakers can’t count on Andrew Bynum).

If the Celtics can back up their boasts, more power to them … but I think Barack is going to wait until the series is over before sending out invitations.

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