Video: Josh Cribbs Signs The “Witness” Car to Keep LeBron in Cleveland


If I were trying to keep LeBron in town, I would hire Kat Stacks to get him in a compromising position and make sure it is being secretly videotaped.  Then I would blackmail him and say if he didn’t stay in whatever city I was making the pitch for I would release the tape to  I would also ask for 1% of his new contract.

Yes, I understand that is extortion, but when you are a “dollarnaire” like me, you have to do what you go to do to move up the money train.

Plus, my idea is much better than having people, even star athletes like Josh Cribbs, sign the “Witness” car.

I am not sure how or why this is supposed to make LeBron stay in Cleveland, and it also is defaming a very nice automobile, but I will give them an “A” for effort.

Check it out.


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