Video: Pau Gasol in the Studio Recording New Song “Get It Together”

Looks like the latest NBA player to catch the music bug and hop in the booth to record a song is none other than Pau Gasol … smh

Pau is seen here recording  a piece of a new song for UNICEF called “Get it Together.”  Now please be aware that the only reason I will refrain from roasting Shaggy from Scooby Doo is because he is doing it for charity and his off-pitch banter is going to a good cause, but I will say that Pau should never step foot in another booth … unless it is to bring Ron some water.

Now I know Lakers fans will probably request that I be duck taped and hog tied for not digging Pau’s vocals, and will probably try to convince me that his voice is like a combo of Jesus and Fergie, and that they heard nobody in the studio could look him in the eyes while he sang this … but I will not change my stance.

But who knows, Pau could prove me wrong and may be up for best new R&B artist at next year’s BET awards, sitting beside Trey Songz’ mama (no Delonte) … and we may even get a Ron Ron and Pau: Best of Both Worlds (From the Court to the Booth) album before the year is out.  God, I hope not.

Video courtesy of TMZ

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12 thoughts on “Video: Pau Gasol in the Studio Recording New Song “Get It Together”

  • Pau go harder than Drake do

  • Making moves while the Celtricks are fishing for the rest of the year.

  • LMAO at "Shaggy from Scooby Doo"

  • You a fool for this LOL

    • They keep giving me the ammo and im going to keep loading clips…no marvin harrisson


    • I refuse to even look directly at that picture, it makes me feel so uncomfortable lol…game…blouse

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