Video: Surveillance Camera Shows Michael Vick Leaving Party 3 Mins Before Shooting

I pointed out very clearly that under no circumstances should Michael Vick lie about his whereabouts at the time of the shooting of his co-defendant Quanis Phillips.

According to Vick’s lawyer, he was long gone by the time the shooting took place.  Specifically, he said Vick was gone 30 minutes before the shooting.

I distinctly said that Vick better hope there is no video showing anything different.  A day later, here is video showing Vick leaving the scene a mere three minutes before Phillips was shot.

Here is the timeline courtesy of NBC Wavy:

According to the time stamps on the surveillance video:

1:45 a.m.: Guadalajara’s closes.

2:00 a.m.: Vick, who had remained inside the restaurant with some other VIPs, walks out of Guadalajara’s front door. He spends seven minutes shaking hands and signing autographs for fans standing in front of the restaurant.

2:07 a.m.: Vick, in his Mercedes, pulls away from Guadalajara’s.

2:10 a.m.: Shots are fired outside on the street.

Virginia Beach investigators have not arrested anyone, but have said Vick is not a suspect in the shooting and neither is his brother Marcus. Fabijan said at the time of the shooting, Marcus was in the back of the restaurant settling the bill.

Once again, this has nothing to do with Vick being involved in the shooting.  The problem is the lies.  That is what got him in trouble with the NFL and the Feds in the first place.  If he would have told the truth from the beginning, he wouldn’t have spent two years in prison.

While Vick himself didn’t make the statement, his lawyer works for him — and I don’t know how many times I have to say that Vick needs to have more control over the people that are speaking for him.

If you left three minutes before, just say so.

Innocent men don’t feel the need to exaggerate the story in their favor.  The truth is boring, it’s the lies that release the hounds (no pun intended).

Hopefully when Vick talked to the police and the NFL he was honest — because if he wasn’t, just like with the dogfighting incident, it will come back to bite him.

He has already used up 8.9 of his 9 lives (cat analogy); he can’t afford another misstep.

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  • Vick didn't just facilitate the dog fighting thing, he personally killed dogs that underperformed. Don't sugarcoat what Vick did. It was horrible. I hope he had a different story than what his lawyer did, but, when you're on probation, he probably should have just had a private affair with family and friends at home and avoided the trouble. It showed a lack of judgement on his part. As part of no criminal history before, there were a few incidents with marijuana. As far as his on the field exploits: Vick will be sitting on the bench for most of the year, if this incident doesn't have him out looking for a job.

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