Video: Tampa Bay Rays BJ Upton and Evan Longoria Act Like They Will Fight

First we should state the obvious; Upton wasn’t exactly Usain Bolt tracking down that ball in the gap.  Did Longoria overreact?  Probably, but that is how I would expect a leader of a clubhouse to react.

If you want to be a winner you go all out, all the time.  No leisurely jogs in centerfield just because you don’t feel like running hard.

On a scale from 1-10, I give Upton about a 2 in his ability to convince anyone he was actually going to fight Longoria.

You notice in a lot of “fake fights” that the guy doing the most talking is the guy who is acting like he is really being held back, when in reality if  he wanted to break free he could.

If anything, Upton should respect Longoria more for getting in his face rather than talking about him behind closed doors or to the media.  That is the type of teammate I would want to have; at least you know he cares.

One thought on “Video: Tampa Bay Rays BJ Upton and Evan Longoria Act Like They Will Fight

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