Why Was Seattle Rookie WR Golden Tate In a Donut Shop After It Closed?

I have a few guesses, but before I let you know what I think, here is what TMZ.com had to say:

TMZ has learned the former Notre Dame football star was caught trespassing inside a Top Pot donut shop in Bellevue, Washington
at 3 AM Saturday morning.

Cops would only confirm that Tate was given a “trespass warning” — and was not arrested — but they wouldn’t expand on why the 21-year-old was inside the store while it was closed.

We spoke to the manager of the Top Pot shop … who said he would not be commenting on the matter. On a related note, Top Pot recently inked a deal to become the official coffee and donut partner of Qwest Field — home of the Seattle Seahawks.

Here are a few things I think Tate could have been doing:

1- Breaking Donuts (that is code for what Rick Pitino likes to do in restaurants when they close).

2- Crying over missing Brandon Quinn.

3- Trying to see if the donuts were as Golden as his name.

4- Had the munchies after smoking that Michael Phelps.

5- Looking for the Sonics.

I think #1 is most likely, but feel free to add on.

4 thoughts on “Why Was Seattle Rookie WR Golden Tate In a Donut Shop After It Closed?

  • Its Brady Quinn

  • Why would his Pitino partner call the police?

  • Why would GT miss Brandon(Brady) Quinn? His college QB was Jimmy Clausen.

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