World Wide Wes: “LeBron James is leaning hard toward signing with the Chicago Bulls.”


In what sounds like good news for Bulls fans, it has been reported that LeBron’s friend and confidant, known to the masses as World Wide Wes, has been very vocal of the fact that at the moment, the King is leaning toward the Bulls as his destination for the upcoming NBA season.

Yahoo Sports reports:

According to Yahoo! Sports, William Wesley “has been telling everyone that he believes LeBron James is leaning hard toward signing with the Chicago Bulls.”

Meanwhile, it was reportedly made clear by James’ inner circle that he wanted both Mike Brown and Danny Ferry to be removed from their positions with the Cavaliers.

“LeBron never had to come out and say that he wanted Brown and Ferry gone,” said a team executive familiar with the dynamic in Cleveland’s front office. “But the anti-Brown and anti-Ferry sentiment from LeBron’s crowd was loud and clear to Dan Gilbert. He knew where LeBron stood.”

In addition to these reports, there are also rumors that Pat Riley plans to pitch to James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade the idea of taking less than the maximum-salary contracts in order to play together (which I don’t see happening).

Although I don’t see LeBron/Bosh/Wade taking less money to play together, taking less money to go to Miami may not be so bad since Florida has no state income tax.  Less money may not actually mean less money at all if you take into account that less taxes are taken out if you play in Miami as opposed to playing in Chicago or New York.  Realistically, for that Miami idea to work out, LeBron would have to take a SIGNIFICANT pay cut, which is why I don’t see Pat Riley’s idea as realistic.

I think that LeBron will end up in New York.  LeBron is aware that the sports media is going to cover every leak and step in this process, and I feel like he is just milking that for all that it’s worth.  I feel like there has been a lot of pro-Chicago sentiment out there lately, but I think it is just a build up for when he flips it and says he’s going to the Empire State.  There is too big of a shadow for LeBron to step into Chicago and be the man.  In NY he would be the king of the city, which would allow him write his own story and build his own legacy without having to live up to everything that the Bulls were at their apex.  The last time the Knicks were relevant, so was FUBU, so LeBron would be able to come to NY along with possibly one other free agent signing and make the Knicks competitive again.

As far as Danny Ferry leaving, I believe that this was done just so that he wouldn’t be known as ‘the GM who let LeBron walk’ … but then again, who would?

Wave bye bye, Cleveland.

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