Audio: Funkmaster Flex Goes In on Terrell Owens on Hot 97

So in what must of been the promo trip to  from hell, more ‘Ether’ has been given to Terrell Owens courtesy of New York City.

Earlier this week, TO got viciously dunked on while playing a pickup game at the world famous Rucker Park in Harlem which can be viewed here , but what you are about to hear is definitely the salt in the wound.

So Terrell Owens had stopped by Hot 97  earlier this weeks with his Vh1 brethren Chad Ochocinco to  promote their  respective shows and apparently TO gave the members of the H0t 97 staff attitude both on and off the air, as well as refusing to give Funkmaster Flex a drop because of an incident that had occurred with a car that Flex had done for TO in the past.

Enter The Big Dog Pitbull..

Flex went on to give his side of what occurred between him and Terrell but unlucky for TO this was accompanied with a nice 7/11 big gulp sized cup of Ether that you are listening to above, but here is even more.

Part 2

Audio Courtesy of Hot 97

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  • i have no respect. this dude punched a female rAdio dj in the face. he is GOHBAGE!

  • Somebody should ask flex if maybe he built a piece of crap car… Oh and maybe some one should tell Flex that NFL training camps dont start for another 10 days!!

  • Flex dropping bombs


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