Brock Lesnar Survives 1st Rd Chokes Out Shane Carwin..Full Fight Replay Video

As you know I am still learning about UFC.

I heard a lot of Carwin fans saying that if Carwin had put that beating on any other UFC fighter the referee would have stop the fight.

There were a couple of times that I thought the ref was going to stop the fight myself.

But Lesnar never seemed out on his feet and did a decent job of defending himself.  He took a pretty good beating, but he didn’t stop competing and as the champion I think you get a little more leeway with the ref.

By the 2nd round Carwin was gassed.  The fact that he never had a fight passed the 1st round showed and Brock seemed to be re energized after surviving.

Brock probably realized that going toe to toe with Carwin wasn’t the best idea and used his wrestling background to get Carwin to the ground and eventually choked him out because Carwin didn’t have the energy to fight.

I must say the UFC 116 card was pretty solid all the way around. I am still more of a boxing guy, but slowly but surely I am getting into the MMA more.