Caption The Pic: LeBron James and Pat Riley

After reading this excellent article from Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on how Pat Riley masterminded getting LeBron to Miami, I think the above picture is appropriate.

The greatness that is Stiletto Jill from also reminded me that I shouldn’t forget how much of a role Dwyane Wade had in getting the NWO together.

I can admit when I was wrong.  I stated numerous times that I didn’t think Wade would ever want to play alongside LeBron James, but I missed one important detail.

What I should have said is that Wade would never play with LeBron James in any other place except Miami.

On any other team Lebron is the “King,” but in Miami it is Wade who wears the “Crown.”

If you think about it, it is brilliant on Wade’s part.  If they win championships, he will always be seen as the guy who took LeBron to the promised land.

If they don’t win a championship, LeBron will get the majority of the blame.

It is a win-win for D-Wade.  Only something a serial killer could mastermind.

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