Chris Bosh Gets Heckled While Ringing Bell At NYSE

I’m starting to think that the anger displayed by disgruntled NBA fans is really misplaced.  It’s really the stress of the Gulf spill, seeing those poor oily birds have them lashing out at LeBron James. No? You mean they’re really just crazed, unnaturally attatched, possessive fans that can’t get over a grown man making a choice?  Darn, I thought I would give it a shot.

Well, if your stomach is starting to turn over the excessive bitterness of former LeBron James fans, this will really get you.  Now as you know, Chris Bosh is the third piece of the ‘Golden Triangle’ that signed with the Miami Heat this offseason.  So not only will Bosh be sharing on the court, but it seems he is sharing some of the ‘LeBron Hate’ off the court.  Chis Bosh rang the opening bell this morning at the New York Stock Exchange.  According to the, he was greeted with booing and growling(yea, i know….growling?).

This wasn’t even the general public, it was just the traders on the floor.  One trader told him, “It would have been a madhouse in here had you signed with the Knicks.” A security guard said, “Forget Miami, New York is where it’s at.”

You may ask, why WAS Bosh there?  Well my good friends, Chris Bosh was there to promote his work with After-School All-Stars, a organization that provides after school activities for children across the United States. Miami Heat players, Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Brad Miller will donate $20 for every rebound this season. Yes, that’s right folks, they booed a man promoting a charity. Fans that cannot see past their unrealistic perception of how the sports world should work to cheer someone doing positive work, that their very own children could be benefiting from.  Man, those NBA fans sure know how to keep it classy…..*blank stare*

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