Cops: “We Will Make Sure No Rioting or Celebrating at LeBron James’ Home”


Our good friends at No Guts, No Glory found this interesting tidbit, and it makes perfect sense.

Considering that LeBron will be with the Mean Street Posse in Greenwich when he makes “The Decision,” his mansion in OH will be vacant and the police have decided they might want to keep an eye on it while he is away:

Police Chief Michael McNeeley said they have an extra squad of police officers working tonight around the James home to make sure there are no problems.

“Whether we get loads of happy fans or unhappy fans showing up outside his home, we will be prepared to keep the traffic moving,” he said. “There has been a lot of traffic in the area lately, but there have been no problems.”

McNeeley said he has a plan in place in case hundreds of people show up that would include calling in aid from surrounding police departments. The Bath force has 20 officers.

Could the Cleveland “goons” try something if King Akron becomes King South Beach or King NYC?

Wouldn’t surprise me if the “goons” were actually Danny Ferry and Mike Brown.

But I digress.



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