Cowboys’ Safety Mike Hamlin Nude Pictures Leaked..What’s Going on in Big D?


You get it?

What’s going on in Big D.

Anyway yesterday it Cowboys TE (and I mean “Tight End”) Martellus Bennett that was exposed on Mediatakeout, by his ex girlfriend.

Today it is safety Mike Hamlin who is being shown in all his glory thanks to a scorned girlfriend.

Because this is a family site you have to click the link below to see the pic:


It seems that players on the Cowboys like to take as our fearless leader Robert Littal likes to say:

“Myspace Model Pics”

I do want to point out if Mediatakeout are paying these women for pics do not be surprised if millions more come out during the season.

Athletes in a lot of ways are more vain than most women especially in regards to their bodies, so I would not be shocked if by the end of August half the Cowboys roster is “exposed”.

If anyone has a Dez Bryant one, send that to me directly. Strictly for research purposes of course.

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  1. As a Redskins fan, this is a good way to open up "Point and Laugh" season on the Cowboys. First it was the "White House", now it's the " House". They all get the #playahaveaseat.

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