Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett Nude Pictures Leaked by Scorned Girlfriend


There is this saying, ‘There is nothing like a woman scorned.’ If Dallas Cowboys Martellus Bennett didn’t know that phrase, I’m quite sure he’s aware of it now.  The story goes that Bennett was nohoing on his girlfriend and she wasn’t pleased.  Apparently she didn’t take the ‘Basketball Wives’ route and dealt with it, instead she tried to get even. has the pictures that he sent to her, click the links below to see the photos.

Nude Pic

Nude Pic2

I don’t know if she really thought this through, there really doesn’t seem to be any downside to this for him, He is addicted to attention anyway.   He has his own channel on YouTube, where he does anything from rap to perform to skits with sock puppets(yes, I did say sock puppets). He probably feels like she did him a favor, adding to the legend in his own mind….*blank stare*

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