Damon Evans, UGA AD, Busted For DUI with Courtney Furhmann Red Panties in Lap

Sometimes you come across a story that just keeps on giving.  I have a feeling this will be one of those stories.  Damon Evans, the new Athletic Director of the University of Georgia, was busted for DUI late Wednesday night.  You are probably thinking “That happens all the time, Greg” but stick with me.  The man had a pair of red panties in his lap when he was stopped at 11:55pm Wednesday night in his 2009 BMW.  It turns out not only was he drinking and driving, but he was “nohoing” with 26-year-old Courtney Furhmann.

Now, I am not sure (and it is a matter of taste), but I don’t think the young lady above is worth your family.  Damon Evans is 40 and married with two kids.  The story does get better from here.  When asked why the panties were on his side of the car, Mr. Evans reportedly said:

“She took them off and I held them because I was just trying to get her home.”

Based on what I have heard about this story, I bet he couldn’t wait to get her home, but this is a family site.  Evans also reportedly said:

“I am not trying to bribe you but I’m the athletic director of the University of Georgia,” and “I don’t want you to use who I am but I would just ask that you take me to a motel.”

So let me get this straight.  You get caught #tigerstyling in the South and you try to bribe you way out of it?  Smarten up Nas! Everyone knows he wasn’t going to get off with just a warning on this one.  I guess you can’t blame him for trying to still get the girl to a hotel, because that would have been a gangsta move, but I am sure that officer told him in his best Mike Singletary voice: “Can’t do it.”

Damon Evans has already come out and apologized, saying among other things that his desire is to keep his job.  I don’t know if he will keep his job or not but I am leaning towards a strong “no” since he is in the South and his 5-year contract just went into effect Thursday.  It seems to me that Mr. Evans will learn the lesson that plays before every UGA home game: “If you drink and drive, you lose.”

Greg Smith is one of the newest BSO writers and comes from a long background of high school star athletes and arm chair quarterbacks. You can follow Greg on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/g_twitty

9 thoughts on “Damon Evans, UGA AD, Busted For DUI with Courtney Furhmann Red Panties in Lap

  • Only thing worse would be if she were wearing the yellow and black panties of Georgia Tech…at least she was true to the school… #wecandobetter

  • Hey, real quick. Great article. But I was born & raised in and have been based here in Alabama all my life. I travel the world for a living. And the fact that this happened in the South is largely irrelevant. Location will have no effect on the decision. The more pressing issue is (and will be) the fact that Evans is the guy that more or less ran Vince Dooley (their version of Bear Braynt) out of the program. So you have that faction of the fan base that remains loyal to Dooley who are turning their noses up at this incident and already passing around petitions to fire Evans. Again, location has nothing to do with this, specifically. Does it help that he's Black? Absolutely not. That'll work against him, but from my experience traveling the world, being Black wouldn't necessarily be a saving point for him anywhere under these circumstance.

  • Thanks WMack. I agree and disagree with you though. I think that the South is about the only place in the country where location matters. The venom calling for his head will be much more potent since he was caught with a younger white woman. I do agree with you though about him always having a faction of people against him, because in college sports those people are usually boosters who have influence.

  • First, he was not the "new" AD for "UGA. He has been the AD since 2004. His new contract had just gone into effect on Thursday, July 1st. Secondly, if you want to cheat, then you never cheat with someone that has less to lose than you do….these are words to live by……

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