Dan Gilbert Calls LeBron James Benedict Arnold Via Fathead Pricing of $17.41

Looks like Dan Gilbert isn’t done with LeBron James.  This time the shots come in the form of drastically reduced prices on LeBron James Fatheads.  Yes, Fatheads, the humongous stickers for kids and uber-fans.  Oh, you didn’t know that Gilbert owned Fathead, LLC?  He and Bobby Bonilla both listened to the planner at Wu Tang Financial, and Gilbert has a bit of diversity in his assets.  At any rate, with prices dropping from the $50-$100 price range to the low, low price of $17.41, it just seems like they’d like to get rid of all three styles of James Fatheads.  Here’s why history buffs are already laughing.

This man was born on January 14, 1741, and counts himself as the most famous traitor in American history.  His name: Benedict Arnold.

I can’t even lie, this one was pretty hilarious.  Dan Gilbert is about a day away from throwing LeBron’s old uniforms in the KNG OF AK Benz, dousing them with lighter fluid, and watching them burn as he listens to Mary J. Blige.  Make no mistake; Dan Gilbert is hurting.  This move has stung his pride as a businessman and tainted his rep.  And when you make a living off closing deals and being in control, you’re going to lash out and protect your reputation and your livelihood, fiercely.  Usually, most cats would focus that energy into the next big venture/signing, but Gilbert has instead resorted to trying to tarnish LeBron James’ name … and LeBron didn’t need any help.

That said, I’m enjoying the comedy of the situation.  Gilbert may be “winning” with snide jokes like these, but he may be doing more harm to his reputation than good; you think James played you, imagine how it’s gonna feel when you’re unable to land top free agents down the line due to their inability to trust you.

LeBron walked away in free agency, albeit not in the most professional of manners, as was his right.  Gilbert aired dirty laundry and resorted to name calling.  Who’s the Benedict Arnold again?

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