Detective Hat: Was The Stephen Jackson Home Invasion an Inside Job?

I get a lot of emails, texts, bbms & tweets after I post certain stories.

A lot of times they are just random opinions or crazy theories, but sometimes they all have the same theme and when that happens I start to do a little more digging.

When I posted the story last night about the robbery at the home of Charlotte Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson, immediately I started to get information that the incident wasn’t as simple as it appeared.

Even the police seemed to be a bit mum on the situation, and made a point of saying how unusual it was for three masked gunman to make entry into a private gated community with heavy security.

Then I received an email from a trusted source (Stephen A. would be pleased) who informed me that it may have been staged.  Here is what they had to say:

“Jackson and his wife are in the midst of a divorce and there are some that are really wondering if this was a stage event to help in that case.  To get into that gated community, you need security clearance and for security to open the gates, judging by what they took, its apparent that some thing is awry in this situation.

Even the cops are thinking it was a staged and setup event.”

Once again I didn’t just hear this from one person, but multiple people. It is all speculation and no one should be excused of anything until the police have their final say in the matter.

I did confirm to get into that community it isn’t as simple as hoping over a fence, so it would not suprise me if some shady business is going in.

If that is true whoever is responsible for it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Staging an armed robbery is nothing something that should be taken lightly. You put the other people in that community at risk and on edge by doing so.

I hope the police do a thorough job and find out exactly what happened. I know I will be digging for more information.

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