Don’t Let USC Fool You Reggie Bush Heisman Is Safe & Sound

I speak often of media manipulation, where the media subtly convinces you of something that isn’t necessarily true.  They don’t tell you it isn’t true, but the way the story is reported it makes you believe what they want you to believe.

What USC is doing is “fan manipulation”.

They want you to think they have stripped Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy, but to be honest that is a lie.

Most people don’t know that the Heisman isn’t an award that the NCAA hands out.

It is a private award from the Downtown Athletic Club and the Heisman Trust.

Those individuals have no ties to the NCAA.

So the truth of the matter is, the NCAA nor USC can “take” Reggie Bush’s Heisman only the Heisman Trust can make that decision.

What happens is the Heisman Trust gives the school a replica Heisman to display in their trophy case while the real Heisman goes to the player.

In essence what USC gave back was fake platinum chain while Reggie Bush still owns the real one.

USC is trying to get public opinion on their side and throw all the blame on Reggie Bush.

But if they really wanted to eliminate everything Reggie Bush ever done for the university they would take an accountant of all the money he has made them and give it to charity, but don’t hold your breath waiting on that to happen.

It is my job to make sure that you the fan, aren’t manipulated.  So make sure you don’t let USC lie to you, like they lied to the NCAA about not knowing what was going on with their program.

19 thoughts on “Don’t Let USC Fool You Reggie Bush Heisman Is Safe & Sound

  • Hmmm. Interesting. Glad there are people who know the ins and outs of the sports world, Because I sure don't. It makes you wonder what else does the media love exxagerating about in an effort to tickle fans ears and control what they want them to hear. Thanks

  • How could anyone really be fooled by this???

    I thought everyone knew about this!!!

    • Shockingly people thought they were taking his Heisman away

  • From everything I have read on this matter USC has not said that its taking the Heisman from Reggie but that they were returning "The Replica Heisman" to distance themselves from Reggie. They are attempting to come clean which they have done further by removing Mike Garret as their AD.

  • Make no mistake, no individual is bigger than the program at SC. No names on the back of jerseys, because the school is what is most important. The point of giving back the trophy is not to leave the impression of giving back the original, it says that the school recognizes that what Bush did was out of line. He has no honor, as many who play now are looking for the big contract, the status that comes along with the publicity. I for one do not believe that the players are in the dark when it comes to what violates the rules. I believe Bush knew what he was doing, and felt he was above having to answer for his actions. I don’t believe taking care of family is a relevant argument to condone his actions either. If you cheat once, and it’s ok, you will again. Your team, yourself, your family, where will it stop? Probably nowhere.

    • While you make valid points I think the school and coaches in general knew what was going on.


  • Never, never heard of USC referring to the return of the Heisman as the real one. They always stated that they were returning the replica. Everthing the LA Times reported was that they were returning the replica. Nice try to draw readers in by saying USC is duping them. Reggie and his family were greedy people that didn't have a care in the world about rules and USC. Calvin Rome is an idiot if he believes this article. Maybe this Robert guy needs to call in Jesse Jackson so he can write a story about Reggie is being portrayed wrong because he is black.

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