Drew Rosenhaus on Terrell Owens: “Very Confident He Will Sign Soon”

The drama of when and if Terrell Owens will sign with a NFL team I must admit is more interesting than his Reality Show on VH1.

We have covered in detail the reasons why Owens’ is currently unemployed, but super agent Drew Rosenhaus believes there is no need to worry that T.O. will be signed soon. Here are the details from both Rosenhaus and T.O.:

Rosenhaus texted ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that he was “very confident” that Owens, who played for the Buffalo Bills last season, will have a new team “within the next few weeks.”

Owens is clearly sensitive to the coverage he receives in the media. He disputed talk that he’s making exorbitant salary demands.

“They’re always focused on what has happened earlier in my career,” he complained to the AP.

“It’s not like I can’t play,” Owens added. “There is some type of influence that they’re making in the minds of teams and owners and GMs.”

I tend to agree with Owens’, I think he can still play even though a lot of his problems are his own doing. Just like most receivers his production is tied to his quarterback situation. It was not very good in Buffalo, if he is somehow able to latch on with a team with a solid quarterback I think he can be an asset.

I was leaning toward believe he would not get a shot, but I have faith in Rosenhaus he will find him a landing spot.

The problem is if he goes to a bad team or a team with a suspect quarterback he will be in the same situation he was in Buffalo, but then again that is better than being out of the league.

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