3 thoughts on “Lebron Vegas

  • Given the way QueenLB ran from reality in Cleveland to live his life of delusional, self-imagined (and no rings) 'royalty' with the Heat in SouthBeachLand (not to be confused with Neverland)…its easy to see he's well on his way to the same infantile, fantasy-based, empty existence that destroyed Michael Jackson
    To his credit, at least, he's still in contact enough with reality to realize how stupid he must look to the public at large, so hence, he wanted this article pulled, burned and buried. (ESPN, btw, is not doing anything new here—they have been on LBJ's jock since he was a high-school freshmen—-so why the shock?)

    Hey, hes young, rich and famous…so a wild night in Vegas is normal, almost expected…but at 25 years old, to be living each and every second of your life as if you are embroiled in the middle of a play-off game, taking imaginary cross-overs on inanimate objects, faking imaginary jump-shots, rebounding from hanging objects and squaring off in fake 'face-offs' against other NBA'ers……like Glen Davis shaking his head….the boy's got me worried!

  • At least he didn't get accused of raping someone like some dude wearing rings in LA. That would probably be better for everyone if he was a guy like that, huh? <shrugging shoulders>


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