Fan Wearing Lebron James Heat Jersey Escorted By Police From Indians Game

I have tried to be sensitive to Cleveland sports fan.

I understand what it is like to be dumped.

I understand that Jake Delhomme might be your starting quarterback this year.

I understand you have a horrible sports history.

I understand you live in Cleveland.

So I say this with as much sensitivity as I can:


There is no way in blue hell I would have left that game if I was that fan.  I work hard for my money and if I want to rock a South Beach NWO Lebron Jersey in Cleveland it is my right as an American.

It is assinine that this man’s was taking his life in his own hands by rocking the #6.

Of course in 2010 the fan probably knew exactly what he was doing and will be on 1st and 10 tomorrow milking his 15 minutes of fame but I digress.

This isn’t about him, this is about you Cleveland fan.  It is time to move on, King South Beach is not coming back he has more important things to do like make sure ESPN runs the proper stories on him.


Point being you have to get over this, the whole city of Cleveland is looking real “moist” right now.  Just read the details:

A fan wearing a Miami Heat jersey of LeBron James drew the ire of the crowd at a Cleveland Indians game and was escorted out of the ballpark.

Fans in the left-field bleachers chanted obscenities and pointed at the man Wednesday night during the sixth inning of the game between the Indians and New York Yankees. Hundreds of fans joined in before security led the man out of Progressive Field.

As he left, some fans followed him toward the gate with more derisive chants.

I am pretty sure alcohol was involved, but still that is no excuse to act like children who have to eat store brand frosted flakes instead of getting Tony The Tiger.

Relax, drink a capri sun and save your fury for the 1st of many Jake Delhomme INTs.

Here are some fan videos of what happened:

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