Getting My Stephen A. On..BSO Sources: “Miami is Where LeBron is Going”

Can I get my Stephen A. Smith on for a minute?

If I am wrong though, oh well … life will go on.

You know me, I don’t speak in absolutes and I wouldn’t report this if I didn’t think it was true, but I have had three of my most “trusted” sources specifically tell me it is a done deal that King Akron is going to Miami.

Since I have a lot of people telling me a lot of things, I keep a very short list of people that I trust enough to put myself out there for.

Even then, I still stick to the rule that if I can’t get three independent confirmations, I won’t report it.

I am pretty confident the “SuperFriends” will team up in South Beach; can’t say it’s 100% or put my “Dollarnaire” salary on it, but I feel cool putting it out there.

In essence, LeBron chose possible rings over ego.

Granted, his “marketing ego” is out of control, but his “basketball ego” has never been a question to me.  He has always been a good teammate and someone who is selfless in regard to how he plays on the court.

The analogy I like to use is this:

LeBron (Superman) – He is the most recognizable and wants to be the most loved.  He is the most powerful, but always seems to hold back a bit.  Not a killer, and at times prefers to defer to others.

Wade (Batman) – Ruthless and brilliant.  Prone to injuries, but in the end is usually the one everyone looks to when all seems lost.  Ultra-confident and has the ability to ignore the “distractions” and “zone out” on the court.

Bosh (Aquaman) –  I am not talking about the cooler Aquaman with the hook for a hand.

In Miami, until further notice, D-Wade is the man.  It is LeBron coming to “Wade’s team,” not him taking over … and I think LeBron is cool with that.  He might actually prefer not having all the pressure of being “THE guy.”

Considering the Heat’s cap situation, at least for year one, it will be LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and 9 Smush Parkers.

If I was the Heat, I would move LeBron to the point just so they can spread the floor better, and find as many shooters as humanly possible that are willing to play for minimum wage.

If this happens – and it is still an “if” until the words come out of LeBron’s mouth – all I have to say is one thing:

At least the Knicks have Amar’e.


Can someone get me in to that South Beach party this weekend?  Preferably where they are serving the chicken?  I appreciate it.  Free BSO Ad space available in return.  I might be able to bring Marcus Vick with me.  Cool?

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  • but is LeBron really ok with going to Wade's team by having a seperate press conference?? That doesn't seem like someone ok with not being the man…..

    • It will be an interesting dynamic to keep an eye on

  • Interesting…. People forget all the wrong answers and remember the one right one.

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