Kim Kardashian Thinks Reggie Shouldn’t Give Back Heisman Trophy


Call Kim Kardashian what you want, but a bitter ex, she is not. interviewed Kim Kardashian last week, and when asked her thoughts on the judgement the NCAA handed ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush’s alma matter USC, Kim thought it wasn’t fair. “Reggie worked hard for that Heisman and deserves it. He earned it!”, Kim tells people. “I really don’t think it’s fair to give it back.”

Now Bush does not HAVE to give his Heisman trophy back, the NCAA has no control over that. You would think that after dating two NFL stars, Kim would know they can’t take the trophy from him.  USC on the other hand, chose to give back their copy of Bush’s trophy to the Heisman trust.  This was an attempt to go ‘the extra mile’ and be able to say ‘Reggie Who?’ when they start their appeal process with the NCAA.  How they gave back Bush’s trophy and not O.J. Simpson is beyond me.

All that aside, it is a good look for Kim to side with Reggie, especially with all the business being put out there by nohos and ex-girlfriends.

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