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Lakers PF Josh Powell Ex-Girlfriend Emily L. Peniche Arrested For Transporting Cocaine

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, July 9th, 2010
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I distinctly remember Miss Peniche because she contacted me back in 2009 wanting us to “expose” Josh Powell as a “deadbeat” dad.  She sent me a few pics, as well as the video you see above, basically pleading her case via YouTube.

Believe it or not I will not post “drama” just for the sake of drama, so I put on my detective hat and reached out to some people I could trust, and found out enough that I felt it best not to post the article.  Specifically, some of the things she claimed were untrue — she had missed several court appointments and even though she claimed to be broke I was able to verify if she wanted to get a lawyer she could have.

If anything, the information I received made it appear she was the “troubled” parent, not Powell.

Fast forward to now and it appears my suspicions were correct, as Miss Peniche has been arrested in a cocaine ring (what a great mother); here are the details:

The ex-girlfriend of a Los Angeles Lakers basketball player has been arrested on charges of transporting more than two pounds of cocaine through the region.

Emily L. Peniche made an initial appearance in U.S. District Court on Wednesday afternoon. A magistrate judge ordered her jailed pending a bond hearing Monday.

Peniche and Lakers forward Josh Powell, who met while Powell played with the cross-town Clippers, have been involved in a much publicized custody dispute over their daughter. Peniche posted a tearful 10-minute plea on YouTube last summer accusing Powell of refusing to return the girl, Patience, then 3.

Peniche was arrested Monday with co-defendant Samuel Q. Moses after Norfolk police received a tip that the two would be transporting a large amount of cocaine from New Jersey to Norfolk that day, according to a criminal affidavit filed in court by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement.

After Moses and Peniche crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel about 1:30 p.m. that day, a Norfolk police investigator stopped their car.

A search revealed a kilo of cocaine, or more than 2.2 pounds, wrapped in a girdle and stuffed inside a duffel bag, the affidavit says.

A lot of people ran with Miss Peniche’s story back in 2009 without doing any research at all.  But here at BSO, we stay away from Terez Owens’ style of reporting and won’t push anyone’s agenda without giving both sides of the story, or at least verifying the information is correct.

I feel bad for their child, hopefully Powell is taking responsibility and Miss Peniche gets the real help she needs.

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  1. *cues 'Allure' by Jay-z*

  2. Angel says:

    She has not been found guilty of this…. You might want to take off that detective hat and put on a dunce hat for stating you reached out to some people you could trust to get information on her…. You say she could've had an attorney and all of this like she does not want her daughter back but she made a youtube video herself pleading for help to get her back…. It sounds like people just like to bad mouth her…. The sad thing is there is a little girl that is growing up without her real mother I couldn't imagine growing up without mine. But I'm sure whoever wrote this doesn't even care…..

  3. OPEN YOUR EYES says:

    Besides the folks he reached out to were in Josh Powell's camp…all LIES. Oh, very credible. Littal, you are NOT CREDIBLE. You only reached to one camp for so-called credible info. He was told she had the money to play for the mediator for the supervised visits, not the large funds needed to hire an attorney to fight Powell and his attorneys. JP's wifey boasted in the sports blogs that Emily could not keep up with the money or the attorneys, straight from his hoodrat wifey's mouth. That nba baller did that girl wrong from the start. This girl's arrest, spells FOUL. She just recently took the case back to California where it should have been from the start, petitioned the courts for more visitations and the prospect of child support during those visitations, then, she is arrested for drugs. She has NO previous arrest record or drug dealings. There is a certain MO that comes to mind. Hope she was not a willing participant for her sake. She is innocent til proven otherwise. Stay tuned.

  4. Watching Out says:

    Come on people. Do the research! Miss Peniche met this Josh before he played for the Clipper, she gave up her job, car and family to move away with him as he followed the ball.

  5. Guess Who says:

    Know the facts. Look beneath the surface. Inquiring minds wanna know…there is more than likely more to this arrest. If the father has his daughter's best interest and the Christian that he proclaims to be, well, bail the child's mother out and assist her in this battle, as he knows full well this girl is not a drug dealer. That is the least he can do to help her…she is his child’s mother…his daughter will only grow to respect him for doing so. WE DO NOT GET TO CHOSE OUR PARENTS. Can you imagine the disruption, AGAIN in this little girl's life, regardless, if the mother was a willing participant. Ms. Peniche is INNOCENT until proven guilty. Children still love their stained parent(s), whether drug dealer, prostitute or crackhead momma…NOT saying Emily is either.

    Have a heart folks, and STOP falling for the celebrity baller status of the father. At some time before all this drama, for three years, they were friends, lovers, live-in partners…he met Emily before entering the NBA — NOT TRUE that he met her while playing for the Clippers…he dated her even before Mavericks, kept Emily in tow as he went from NBA team to NBA team…he had a relationship longer with Emily than he has had with his wife, but while living with Emily, he cheated with wifey on the side, started the court petitions with the lame excuse because they weren't married he needed to establish paternity in case something happened, all after meeting wifey and her NBA connections, here is the facts, he met wifey in Feb 2007, started paternity bull in Mar 07 in TX instead of CA, brought it back to ct in Sept 07, appeared in ct Oct 30, 07 got custody by default, then kicked Emily and baby out Oct 31, 2007, moved in wifey within two weeks, suddenly announced new bride to be and new wedding date. This bish been using this girl's kindness and ineptness, as he continuously gets away. He then went on a campaign to defamed this girl painting her as tarnished, along with his grimy golddiggin wifey, whom he often doesn't speak to in the same household.
    He and Emily were engaged to be married with an impending wedding date…they did create and have a child together also, so why not foster a civil and caring relationship for the sake of the child? The little girl will only grow to love him or end up hating him. They are ruining this child's life for selfish gain and monetary reason.

  6. Brennholz says:

    omg!.. now also ms paris hilton takes this shit.. poooor paris, say hello to ms lohan lol 😉

  7. Chanel Victoria says:

    Shit,,I don't play the blame game,you never know what ones situation is,she did what she had to do at that time.

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