Latest Ben Roethlisberger “Incident” Shows Everything That Is Wrong With Sports Media


I started to get hit up early and the messages were all the same:


In 2010 people are like piranhas for drama and gossip.  They are foaming at the mouth to see someone fail.

There are also people who will do absoutely anything to get their 15 minutes of fame even if it is at the expense of lying just so they can be on

I think it is patethic that Ben Roethlisberger “possibly” peeing at a golf course is news.

Seriously is this what he have become as a society?

I want you to read the following paragraphs slowly from

According to the report, a woman named Nan Fowler phoned the pro shop at the Country Club at Muirfield Village around 6:53 PM and complained that a white, tall male — sporting a blue golf shirt and khaki shorts — was “urinating into some trees.”

The report states that Nan was informed by the woman at the pro shop that the person who fit that description was Big Ben. Nan then called police and told them that the NFL star was peeing in public.

Cops eventually arrived to the scene and spoke with country club management — and later determined that no crime had been committed.  Sources connected to the investigation tell us cops never interacted with Roethlisberger — because Ben was “long gone” by the time authorities had arrived.

TMZ spoke with reps at Muirfield who tell us, “We had a full slate of golfers that day … it may have been anyone.”


I repeat.


Put aside for a minute that it probably wasn’t Ben, lets assume it was him.

Is that really “police” worthy?  Is this really ProFootballtalk worthy? TMZ worthy?

Are we going to suspended him for another 4 games because he couldn’t hold it?

The woman Nan Folwer who reported this should be arrested for being an attention whore.

The media that is making it into a big deal needs to be sentence to an hour alone of listening to Jesse Jackson rants.  There are bigger issues to tackle.

Come on people we are better than this.


  1. "The media that is making it into a big deal needs to be sentence to an hour alone of listening to Jesse Jackson rants. " ROFL #classic
    I'm not surprised but what's sad is that it does and will get worse. The question remains are "we" really better than this???? Obviously not.

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