LeBron James Gets Booed Outside of Carmelo Anthony’s Wedding

The wedding was in New York, so it was to be expected, but not since Hulk Hogan joined Nash and Hall to form the NWO has one player gone from hero to villain so quickly.

Here are the details from FoxSports.com:

NBA star Carmelo Anthony tied the knot with actress LaLa Vazquez in New York Saturday — but the event was almost upstaged by guest LeBron James.

James was greeted by a round of loud boos from angry New Yorkers outside the wedding in Cipriani 42nd Street when he arrived with his girlfriend Savannah Brinson, myFOXny.com reported.

They love LeBron in Miami, but around the country he is taking a beating.

I think people are being a bit “moist,” he was a “free agent.” His methods of how he went about the process were a little suspect and the hour long special was a bit over the top and narcissistic, but the fact remains he was free to go play wherever he wanted.

Now that he has made his choice he has to back it up on the court.  He made a conscious decision to be part of a group as opposed to standing alone.  Some people aren’t built to sit on the throne alone.

In layman’s terms:

He decided to be Ralph Tresvant instead of Bobby Brown.

Here is a New Edition video, just because I wanted to squeeze a New Edition into this post:

By the way, that makes Bosh Ricky Bell, if you can keep up with the Littal Speak.

15 thoughts on “LeBron James Gets Booed Outside of Carmelo Anthony’s Wedding

  • good post Rob, but I seriously doubt that NYers can be considered as acting "moist" about LeBron. They're just mad like everyone else that he didn't come play for them. NYers booed the hell outta Jordan too, even though they respect him heavily.

    • Booing at a wedding is a bit "moist"..first off what dudes hang out at weddings? This isn't Wedding Crashers..lol

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