LeBron James Gets Booed Outside of Carmelo Anthony’s Wedding

The wedding was in New York, so it was to be expected, but not since Hulk Hogan joined Nash and Hall to form the NWO has one player gone from hero to villain so quickly.

Here are the details from FoxSports.com:

NBA star Carmelo Anthony tied the knot with actress LaLa Vazquez in New York Saturday — but the event was almost upstaged by guest LeBron James.

James was greeted by a round of loud boos from angry New Yorkers outside the wedding in Cipriani 42nd Street when he arrived with his girlfriend Savannah Brinson, myFOXny.com reported.

They love LeBron in Miami, but around the country he is taking a beating.

I think people are being a bit “moist,” he was a “free agent.” His methods of how he went about the process were a little suspect and the hour long special was a bit over the top and narcissistic, but the fact remains he was free to go play wherever he wanted.

Now that he has made his choice he has to back it up on the court.  He made a conscious decision to be part of a group as opposed to standing alone.  Some people aren’t built to sit on the throne alone.

In layman’s terms:

He decided to be Ralph Tresvant instead of Bobby Brown.

Here is a New Edition video, just because I wanted to squeeze a New Edition into this post:

By the way, that makes Bosh Ricky Bell, if you can keep up with the Littal Speak.

15 thoughts on “LeBron James Gets Booed Outside of Carmelo Anthony’s Wedding

  • yup, bron isn't a killer and he had to join DWade. my dad always said he wished bron had that mean streak that kobe/dwade have be he doesn't. he's arguably more talented than those two but he doesn't have that killer. i also think he's trying to relive his high school years also, except this time he won't have to carry the load when the chips are down.

  • lol like you said in your interview i listened to, it would be fine if at any point he had said stop calling me King James and didn't soak up this multimedia business Lebron persona as well and thats the one people are going to see and criticize because it's the one who begs for attention. He has to get used to being the object of scorn because he allowed himself to be a larger than life figure.

    • There are definitely two Lebrons.

      As Charles Barkley said no matter how great of a player you are when you "share" with another Megastar it comes at a price to your own legacy. But like I said I would rather have rings while sharing than no rings doing it on my own. He felt he couldn't do it on his own, so he rolled with Wade

  • I think Steven A. said it best, Lebron is the big fish no matter what pond he is in. He is going to win the MVP award again, and a title. Its funny how Wade/Kobe's killer instincts did mean anything when they didnt have a legit #2. They kept falling short just like LBJ.

    • He is sharing his fishbowl. Wade is not a #2..Wade is #1 and Bron is #2. In this scenario Bron is the guy going to the team for help not the other way around. Nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is

  • I think we wanted LBJ to be something he was not and now we are mad. He's never been that cold blooded killer that we claim Kobe is or that we claim MJ was. He's not them, he's LBJ. Why be a "king" in CLE w a teammate that may or may not have related to your mother when you can go to SoBE and play we superior talent?

    The only reason Wade won is b/c of location. If they had all been in equally dismal locales, it would have been a toss up where they go.

    • That is the point though. Wade basically said if you want to play with me you have to come to my house. He is playing in Wade's yard

  • People keep complaining that LeGone should of have gave the Cavs ownership a "heads up" Why should he? We all saw how Gilbert overreacted. Also, do you think LeGone will regret this decision down the road?

    • I do think he could have called. He didn't "have" to call. Just personally I think he should have..

      • Had Legone called, Gilbert would probably leak the story in comic sans. Do you think Legone will regret his decision of joining dwade and cb4 in Miami?

        • I don't think he will regret it mainly because he made a conscious decision to be #1b..I think he would have regretted going somewhere and being #1abc and it not working out

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