LeBron James Goes To Vegas To Find The Love

The LeBron James image has taken a hard hit lately.  The decision to have ‘The Decision’ is well documented as a bad idea.  We won’t beat that dead horse(it’s a shame what they did to that horse). From jerseys being burned in Cleveland, to being boo’ed at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding, LeBron has seen and heard it all.  James went all the way to Las Vegas this weekend to get shown some ‘love’.

So while he didn’t play with Team USA during the trials this weekend, he did show support with weekend of partying.  James got the royal treatment the entire weekend. Examiner.com details James weekend ‘fit for a king’….*rimshot*.  Friday night was spent at Lavo inside The Palazzo celebrating his recent contract signing with the Miami Heat.  Fans waited outside just to see James arrive, who was joined by his Team USA teammates, including Chris Paul. After dinner they partied at the nightclub inside Lavo, where he was presented with a cake shaped in his new Heat jersey:

Friday was only a precursor to Saturday.  LeBron arrived at Tao beach, where fans greeting James again. Examiner.com points out, “the fans in the pool chanted his name and James pulled out his camera to capture the moment.” After dinner at Tao restaurant, James and his crew took over the VIP area in the nightclub where cocktail waitresses were dressed in James’ new Heat jerseys.  James was then surpised again with a cake in the shape of a crown:

I must say, James’ weekend seemed to turn out a lot better than the crew from ‘The Hangover’. No drug induced marriages, or stealing of police cars.  Lebron James has the fans of Las Vegas on his side, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a professional team and do not know the pain of being unnaturally attached to a player, only to find out on TV that player is leaving.  I guess ignorance IS bliss.

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