Mark Cuban Says That LeBron James Needs “Media Training”

I told you that Mark Cuban is a cool dude.  Yesterday I posted his blog predicting how things would go when LeBron made his “decision.”  It went exactly as he stated when LeBron chose Miami … I do think someone kicked their dog, and LeBron certainly is now the most hated person in Ohio.  So when Cuban speaks to all things LeBron, we should listen. has gotten Cuban on video stating that LeBron needs “media training” based on how he handled yesterday.  I think the majority of people outside of Miami agree with his assessment.  Oh, and count out bathwater slurper Mark Jackson, who stated that he thought LeBron handled the situation “beautifully” and “allowed his son to stay up and watch how to handle a situation like this” (insert blank stare).  What is scary is that LeBron HAS a PR team and apparently they thought this was a good thing, too.  I hope LeBron watches some of the media coverage today, and realizes that everyone who doesn’t drink the LeBron kool-aid must be treated with some respect.

Outside of the Dan Gilbert ‘Ether’ letter, last night was a snoozefest.  I am so glad this is over………until the 2010 playoffs begin..duh duh duh duhhhhhh. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Says That LeBron James Needs “Media Training”

  • "treated with some respect"
    What "respect" are you owed that Lebron didn't provide. He does not owe it to any of us to fulfill our individual expectations. The people of Cleveland have a right to feel betrayed (Dan Gilbert does not, check his bank account for an apology). Humiliation is a claim I can't stand by though. Cleveland is a city, Lebron is a man, that's either hyperbole or rashly nonsensical. Lebron hasn't changed on us, this press conference and the spectacle around it isn't unlike his decision to fore go college and the ESPN press conference then. What has changed is the level, amount, and variations of the expectations people have placed upon Lebron.

  • Lebron, go tell "Massah" Gilbert yous wanna be free!!!!!

    Wake the freak up Gilbert!!!! You did not own this man or give him the ability and talent to play basketball. You paid him to do exactly what you wanted him to do for you and that was play basketball. Did he fullfill his contract? YES!!!! He kept his word to you and the Cleveland Cavaliers Organization. It was his choice to stay or go…he chose to go.

    NO ONE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT SEASON…WE ALL ARE GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE!!!!! Have you ever played any sport? At all? Your field hand done left the field and now you want revenge!!! (That is obviously your mentality!!!) Get over yourself…you are not God and for that matter, neither is Lebron!!!! He gave you what he owed you….to play his contract to the fullest!!! There is no I in TEAM or a #1, so Lebron couldn't do it alone!!!! You "Massah" Gilbert are the coward!!!!

    My name is Tracie Simmons, and I approve this message!!!!!

  • I don't think it's about Lebron staying or leaving. That's what happens when you're a free agent. It's about the way he did it. He was going to be hated in Cleveland if he left. However, by showing his @$$ with the one hour special, he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. It's one thing to leave, but have a little class.

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