Matt Barnes To Announce His Free Agent “DECISION” via Twitter…*Crickets*

Matt Barnes has announced he will be making his “DECISION” on where he is going to sign his free agent contract today via Twitter.

Unless he is announcing he is staring in  “Basketball Husbands” with Dwight Howard, Shaq, D Wade and Antoine Walker his announcement ratings will be on par with the MLB All-Star game.

In 2010 where all you need to do is sleep with a marginal NBA player or appear on a VH1 reality show to become a star attention whoring not just from the ladies, but from the athletes is at an all time high.

Barnes who is better known for “twitter beefing” with the Basketball Wives than anything he has ever done on the court is proving he is loves the attention just like they do.

Homie you were outplayed by JJ Reddick, the same JJ Reddick who the Magic decided to match an offer sheet today basically telling you to hit the road.

When he decides to sign that mid level extension with someone I am sure it will be top story on ESPN, the question begs will he has Jim Gray “ghost tweeting”?

3 thoughts on “Matt Barnes To Announce His Free Agent “DECISION” via Twitter…*Crickets*

  • Despite the hate and the constant face on twitter/basketball wives crap, I think he could really help us in Boston this season. Though we don't necessarily need him, another SG couldn't hurt. Ray Allen is Hot and Cold, and Pierce is our definite go-to guy when we need to score. But ever since we shipped Eddie House to NY, we've been missing a solid bench shooter, although Nate came through during the playoffs. In fact, Boston specializes in making mediocre/subpar players into phenominal spectacles, even for just a game or two. My guess is, he's going to Miami for pennies, but rumor has it he's also interested in the Celtics, in which case I think he'd be a decent addition to the roster, seeing as how we just re-signed Nate for 2 more years.

  • Can I just say that i loathe the way spelled tomorrow…2maro…i hope he gets picked up for the show 'grammar wives'….jeez…

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