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Michael Vick Hosting July 4th “All White Party” at The Park at 14th in DC

by Robert Littal | Posted on Sunday, July 4th, 2010
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Let me just say this: if Michael Vick is truly hosting this July 4th party at The Park and Fourteenth in DC (and I don’t know if he is or isn’t), he has to be the biggest idiot on the planet.

When I started to get emails, BBMs, and tweets about this about an hour ago, I couldn’t believe it was true, but a quick search led me to Park14.com, which is promoting the party.

Very similar to his birthday party where the shooting took place, all you have to do is email to get on the RSVP list.  It is also being promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace via ClubZone.com.  In essence, it is open to the public if you want to slam some cake or fireworks in Vick’s face.

I am not saying that Michael Vick has to live in solitary confinement (no pun intended), but come on, son; you just had a major incident take place at a party just like this.

Why in the world would you put yourself in this situation again?  It makes absolutely no sense to me.  Don’t you know that you have used 8.9 of your 9 lives?  You should be cooking barbeque with family and friends you can trust, not doing the dougie at an All-White Party.

I just hope the club and party promoters are using his name and he has no intentions of attending this event.  I am pretty sure this was scheduled way in advance, but if you are Vick would you rather piss off some local party promoters or Roger Goodell?

If he is debating attending this event, someone please reach out to him and tell him to:


And make sure Marcus Vick is sitting right next to him.

Do these guys understand that Roger Goodell doesn’t play around?

I am at a loss for words right now.  I have nothing else to say except:



We have confirmed that Marcus Vick is in attendance and that you needed a special invite to get in.  Here are a couple of pics from people we know at the event.

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  1. missy says:

    i actually agree with you on this. he needs to take some chill time, right now he's pulling an OJ. some ppl thought that he got off easy the first time and plan on calling for his head the next time

    • Michael Vick isn't a young guy. We are the same age and there is no way in hell after what happened a few weeks again I would be showing up at any "public" party. It is just common sense..smh

  2. WMack says:

    What I'm SERIOUSLY hoping here is that this was planned before his birthday party, and the party promoters are just running with it. If I'm him, I have 3 uniform police, a lawyer, a notary public, my grandmother, two midgets with Cambodian breast milk, R.Kelly's grandmother, the Village People (no homo), and Roger Goodell's 2nd cousin all at MY house with video cameras to prove my whereabouts on the night in question. If this thing is real and he's there, you're right, he's the dumbest n-word alive.

    • Even if pre-planned he has to break the contract or pay a few $1000s to the promoter to get out of it, because every time he is out at a public event like that he is risky the rest of his career. That isn't worth whatever they are paying him

  3. WMack says:

    And by n-word, I meant nincompoop

  4. missy says:

    he needs to now maintain a very, very low profile

  5. missy says:

    he needs to drop some from his inner circle and start reading the blogs

    • Lynn says:

      LOL…yeah…because the blogs offer such credible wise advice…the blogs…sure.

      • missy says:

        umm whether you see it that way or not blogs can make or break you, you choose. the blogs and bloggers and ppl who post will give you the good, the bad and the ugly with nothing to lose whereas sometimes those around you are afraid to tell you that ur talking bull because you sign their paycheck. they may not always be positive but take the good and leave the bad it's as simple as that

      • I am trying to help him. Just having his name associated with this is a problem

  6. Yves says:

    Seriousl, what is wrong this dude??? Is he hanging around Tony Dungy? Because he's really making some knuckle-head choices? If this is the case that he's trying to she that he's innocent and that he didn't do anything, man, this looks like the height of stupidity.

    Mike, man, use common sense and for the people that have Mike's ear, please tell him to "stand down", get your priorities together and be a responsible dude.

  7. Mister Z says:

    What a a flat out clue-less man. I know I've said he shouldn't have to live in a bubble, but he does need to use that brain of his and just avoid this at all costs. I agree, he should have broken this contract, paid the money, or just flat out lied and said his name was being used to promote an event without his knowledge. As I said, he is the new O.J., now he's making all the same idiot moves to make sure he ends up back in jail.

  8. I just think that his crazy and clueless inner circle thinks that this is a good way to make money. They've set up these appearances and parties to generate extra income as a back up plan or something…that's all I can come up with that remotely makes sense…

    • Guest says:

      I agree with you. Those in his inner circle should be fired no matter who they are. Friends, family and or girlfriend. Something stinks. Mile needs to shut down everything and nothing should be without his approval. Find a new camp MV. I know you are much than what is happening to you now.

  9. Bob Schnebly says:

    Wow, the guy has GOT to wise up, grow up and get on with being an adult.

    Bob Schnebly

  10. Jason says:

    I hope he gets it together before its to late and from the looks of things it may be.

  11. Vick 4 Eva says:

    Playa's gotta play, nigga. Dont hate on MV cuz he got skilz. I might get up in there and bust a cap in niggaz running they mouth.

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