Mo Williams Has Emotional Breakdown on Twitter after LeBron’s Decision


If you haven’t been living under a rock within the last 24 hours, you are probably aware that LeBron has made his decision to leave Cleveland and join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chis Bosh to form the “TRIAMI HEAT,” and that choice has left many people back in Cleveland heartbroken as well as angry, to say the least.

One person who was emotionally wrecked by LeBron’s decision was former teammate and “friend” Mo Williams of the now defunct Cavs, who took to his Twitter last night and virtually had a emotional breakdown for all to see.  I could best compare what you are about to see to a girl who has just been told by her boyfriend, “It’s over, I found someone better…” via Twitter or text message (No Swizz Beats).

Here are the Tweets:

You telling me this is the dude LeBron was supposed to count on while playing in Cleveland?  He was supposed to stay for this?

You can tell that Mo Williams is the type of dude that will fall in love in the Skrip club.  I mean c’mon son, the man has moved on — you can’t be on Twitter getting your Mashonda on because LeBron is on to the next one.  Instead of  acting like his dog just died, what Mo needs to do is find a way to jump off the sinking ship that is the Cavaliers as soon as possible.

On the contrary, I can commend eMo Williams for one thing in all of this emotional babble … at least he chose not to write his feelings down in the form of an open letter written in Comic Sans font.

I leave you with a song selection that I feel everyone in Cleveland, including Mo Williams should be listening to right now.  Keep your head up, Cleveland, there is a silver lining to this situation.  Yes, you have lost a superstar in LeBron James … but you can not forget the fact that your football team has acquired quarterback Jake Delhomme.  Better days are ahead.

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  1. Maybe if he had pulled his head out of his ass in that celtics series and played better,lebron would have stuck around… west, anthony parker,and antawn jamison are the REAL reason lebron left…

    When lebron had off night in that all had the chance to step up and prove they you were a true “supporting cast”….instead,you and the other aformentioned players proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you simply can’t be trusted in crucial games..

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