Nets Owner Prokhorov Is Moving on to Plan ‘B’

New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov put his best foot foward trying to ‘woo’ mega free agent LeBron James to his team.   “After my meeting on the First of July,” Prokhorov said in a interview yesterday afternoon. “I predicted a lot of what was going on. We have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C and even D. Now we’re in progress with Plan B.”

Plan B starts with replacing former Team President Rod Thorn. An announcement is expected today to announce Billy King as his replacement.  They also want to sign younger, more athletic players for less money.  Prokhorov wants to stay under the salary cap and maintain flexiblity.  Prokhorov touts, “We have the youngest roster in the league. I’m lucky we have not overpaid. . . . During next season we’ll be much stronger. “For the next year we will fight for the playoffs and the next five years, a championship,” he said, stressing “results” above all.
Quite honestly, it really isn’t anywhere for the Nets to go but up.  They have been disappointing for the past couple of seasons, with a all-time low of 12 wins last season. Prokhorov asks for Nets fans to be patient, “Be patient. Support our team. We will win for sure. And, trust me, the next season will be completely different — aggressive, young,” Prokhorov said. “Now we have a really good ambition: to beat Miami Heat.”

I think Prokhrov will be a good owner and very good for the Nets. He lost the LeBron sweepstakes, and bounced right back. The winning a title in 5 years may be a bit ambitious, but isn’t that what you want in a owner if you’re a Nets fan?? Or maybe you like your owner to wallow in defeat like Dan Gilbert.  Speaking of Gilbert, has there been a Gilbert sighting since the ‘infamous’ letter? Meanwhile Prokhorov is center stage in downtonwn Manhattan, next to one of the hottest(don’t mean looks) in the game.

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  • Yes, the Nets have no where to go but up. Avery Johnson was a great hire. I still think they overpaid Travis Outlaw but maybe Outlaw will surprise everyone like Blatche did w/ the Wizards last season.

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