Nike: “My Butt is Big” Ad Campaign


A couple of things:

A- Why isn’t Serena Williams in this ad?

B- Can we get an ID on the model because she is nice looking.

I am not sure where Nike is going with this, but I can tell their ad department has no clue what a “big butt” is.

The young lady in the ad doesn’t have a “big butt” she has a curvy shape with a nice little “bubble”. The ad should be “I am Curvaceous” or “My Butt isn’t Flat”.

This is a “Big Butt”

I think Nike is trying to capitalize on the Kim Kardashian craze, hence no Serena in the ad. What do you think about it?


  1. Andrew, if the woman in the 2nd photo is fat something is serious wrong with you. That's Tahiry and her and fat aren't friends at all. smh.

  2. That big butt campaign by Nike is just gonna make it okay for bloated women to think it's fine to be out of shape and have a disgusting, sloppy ass – I mean Rosie has a "big butt" but she ain't doing Nike ads any time soon. You don't need an ad that announces that having a big ass that is in great shape is a good thing – we already knew that.

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