P.O. to Michael Vick: “Stay Your Butt In Philadelphia, No More Trips”

This is probably for the best.

After the shooting at his “all white party” and news that the prosecutor in that case said that Vick was in some sort of altercation before the shooting took place, he is being limited to where he can travel to now.

He couldn’t go to a charity golf event this weekend because of it, and ESPN.com has more details about the restrictions:

Michael Vick has been barred from traveling out of Pennsylvania by probation officials in the wake of a shooting after his birthday party last month, the quarterback’s spokeswoman told a Philadelphia TV station.

Vick, who must have his travel plans approved, missed scheduled appearances this weekend and his own golf tournament in Atlanta and at a youth football camp as he stayed in Philadelphia, Judy Smith told WCAU-TV, an NBC affiliate.

While the situation is not unusual as a possible probation violation is investigated, it was unclear how it could impact Vick’s travel with the Eagles this season. The team’s training camp is set to start in full July 29 at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., 60 miles north of Philadelphia.

I am sure that Vick will be allowed to work if the Eagles don’t cut him, but he should probably keep a low profile.

They have a lot of good shows on cable, I am sure he can find something to watch in the house.

Maybe work on that accuracy a bit or hang out with Kevin Kolb at the Eagles facility.

When Marcus Vick utters the words:

“I have this great idea.”

Just close the door or hang up the phone.

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  • Did Michael ask the "Gunman" to leave the party that he was not inited to? Did gunman feel "Disrespected" for one not being invited, two being asked to leave.Thus an altercation? I am not ready to to "Throw him Under the BUS" wait and get all the facts.

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