Paris Hilton Detained At World Cup For Marijuana

For some reason it wasn’t as “hot” when Chris Simms did it.  Paris Hilton, everyone’s favorite something, was detained by officers in South Africa over suspected marijuana possession.  TMZ has the details:

TMZ has learned Paris Hilton was detained by cops in South Africa … because they suspect someone in her entourage was smoking marijuana.

We’re told Paris is still being detained.  Cops confronted her and her peeps at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

Someone close to the situation tells TMZ … Paris wasn’t smoking dope.  But an officer has reportedly said Paris was caught red-handed with weed.

Maybe we’ll catch her on the next season of Locked Up Abroad.  She’s not afraid of reality shows.


Paris has been cleared of all Michael Phelps style charges.

3 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Detained At World Cup For Marijuana

  • Something tells me that she can't just cry her way out of this one….poor Paris *blank stare*

  • I have been watching Paris Hilton’s BFF. Where do they get these people? They’re from another world!

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