Pics: Reggie Bush Running to the Sidelines With Amber Rose?

While Kim Kardashian is breaking lamps with Miles Austin, her former flame Reggie Bush was off in the Hamptons trying to run game on Amber Rose.

Do you think it is a coincidence as soon as we took Kimmy down from the banner and added Amber Rose that Reggie went “running to the sidelines” for her?

BSO is taking full credit for Reggie’s “pimp focus.”

Beyond that, this gives me an opportunity to rant about “short hair women.”

Women with short hair always like to say:

“I rock it like Halle Berry.”

But they fail to mention one important thing.

They don’t look like Halle Berry.  A lot of them look like Fred Berry.

If your fade is tighter than mine, you automatically get a “file downgrade” in the Book of NoHology.  Women should not rock the “Rodman” unless they are just so damn fine I can overlook it.

Here are few pics of Amber Rose — who I don’t think is that hot, to be honest … especially trying rock an “Artest.”

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