Pictures From Michael Vick’s “All White Party” Where Quanis Phillips Was Shot

Is it possible that the “shooter” is in one of these pictures?

Anyone see Quanis Phillips?

The guys at passed these photos to us from the All-White party that we do know Michael Vick attended.

On a more selfish note, I never pass up an opportunity to post some “Eye Candy” and there were some pretty ladies in attendance.

One thing I did notice is the invitation is exactly the same as the one that was being promoted for the DC All White Party on July 4th.

This leads me to believe that Vick is getting paid by the party promoters to show up at these various locations.  In turn the clubs and the promoters use Vick’s name to attract a crowd.

This isn’t something that is unusual for athletes.  LeBron James was once paid $7,000 to show up at a club in Atlanta.

Allen Iverson does this all the time.

Once again, though; if I were Vick, regardless of the financial agreement, this would be the last “White Party” I would have my name attached to.

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