Kevin Durant Quietly Agrees To 5-Year Extension With Oklahoma City

A lot of people say Jack the Ripper is the most famous serial killer of all time.  The interesting thing about that is that The Ripper didn’t murder 100 people or kill for like 20 years, he simply and quietly did his dirt over a short period of time, and faded away.

He let his work speak for itself.

Which brings us to Kevin Durant.  While others are going around proclaiming to be the King and scheduling Sonny and Cher Thursday night specials, Durant quietly agreed to an extension with Oklahoma City.

Durant, who could have become a free agent next summer, decided that instead of the fanfare and ego-stroking that surely would have come next year, he’d rather get to work on making himself and his team better.

Durant has one singular focus and that is to be the best player in the NBA.  Doesn’t care about being a billionaire, doesn’t care about the spotlight, doesn’t care about being seen in the club, and doesn’t seem concerned about being a “mogul.”

Ask Kobe Bryant who the one player is in the NBA he thinks has the same drive and desire as him.  I am pretty sure it won’t be the King of Akron.

So while all of these guys are trying to be “SuperFriends,” the real killer maybe hiding in the shadows, ready to cause havoc across the NBA.

And you will never see it coming.

4 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Quietly Agrees To 5-Year Extension With Oklahoma City

  • OKC understands who they are and what they have. They are not ever going to be a hub for the biggest free agents. Durant is a guy who doesn't need the huge spotlight. He is a guy who wants to be keep getting better and be an elite player, a championship player. His squad gave the Lakers the stiffest test outside of Boston in the playoffs. I see so much of the Spurs in OKC. Look who their GM is. Sam Presti cut his teeth in the Spurs organization. He is a young guy with a great eye for talent and understands the art of acquiring players to fit the team and the culture of what his team is located.

  • damn, i wish the spurs had found a way to get this guy…he is just like david robinson and tim duncan. okc is lucky

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