Ray Allen to Re-Sign With the Celtics; 2 Years, $20 Million

Jesus won’t be walking out the building as Ray Allen has agreed to stay with the Celtics, according to NBA.com.

Allen gets decent money — 20 million over 2 years.  The 2nd year has a player option.  The Celtics are now primed to make another run at the NBA Finals.

As long as Allen, Pierce, and Garnett stay relatively healthy they will be a formidable team in the East, but the question you have to ask is with another year of mileage on their legs, will they be able to get through the season?

I imagine it will play out similar to the way it did this year.  Cruise control for the regular season, and then they will try to turn it on in the playoffs.

Don’t know if that will work because the East will be much stronger now from top to bottom, but are you willing to count them out?

I’m not.

No word if Ray Allen tweeted or DMed his signing.

2 thoughts on “Ray Allen to Re-Sign With the Celtics; 2 Years, $20 Million

  • Now I just hope the big fella signs with Boston instead of San Antonio.

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