Report: Paul Pierce To Sign 4-Year, $61 Million Deal With Celtics

Darko laughs at this deal.

When Joe Johnson heard about it in the ATL strip club, he just threw some more $100’s in the air.

In all seriousness, I never expected Pierce to leave the Celtics. There was some chatter he might entertain an offer from the Clippers, but think about that logically; you can retire as a Celtic or you can spend your final years with the Clippers — what would you do?

Being a 12 year vet and with a possible lockout looming, it was prudent for Pierce to opt out now to gurantee himself more money in the future.

A nice 61 million and he can ride off in the sunset as one of the great Celtics.

Very smart move for Pierce and smart move for the Celtics, who are trying to keep their team together for hopefully a last push for a NBA title.

Even if Ray Allen leaves they still will be very competitive with Pierce, Garnett, and Rondo leading the way.

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