Roger Goodell: “I am Watching You Michael Vick, but No Punishment”

I really want Michael Vick to succeed. Even though he has made some of the dumbest decisions in the history of mankind I don’t think he is a bad guy.

I just think he isn’t very bright.

When I say bright I don’t mean he isn’t smart, just that he doesn’t make smart decisions.

He isn’t a young man anymore, his NFL career is hanging on by a thread. If for whatever reason the Eagles cut him I am not sure he will get another shot, so he is walking a high wire with two bricks in his hands.

Good news is that Roger Goodell is going to give him a pass on his latest bad decision.

It wouldn’t have been fair to Goodell to do anything once the police said Vick wasn’t involved in the “All White Party” shooting, but Vick just needs to be very careful with his decisions going forward. Here are the details:

The NFL has informed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick that he will not be disciplined in the wake of the shooting at his birthday party in Virginia Beach last month, two league sources told ESPN.

Vick spoke at length to commissioner Roger Goodell over the phone about the latest incident and Vick’s progress during the investigation, sources said.

Goodell implored Vick to make better decisions and warned him to take more care in how he conducts his personal life.

A source said Vick has taken the incident as a warning, saying “Michael realizes he may not be so lucky the next time.”

Good luck Mr. Vick be very careful of what road dogs you hang with.

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